While many companies ask good questions in order to become more efficient, predict turnover or simple keep better track on internal capacity, the solution to finding those answers are often based on poor decisions.

Companies still tend to use a lot of time finding material, researching and writing reports. All to find answers that could have been given in a matter of seconds from a Business Intelligence system.

A what-now-system?

A business intelligence system – or simply a BI system. In other words, a modern solution that gathers, analyzes and most important explains the data in an easy and visual manner.

Companies usually have a lot of useful data, but it can be hard to gather the right information and put it in to good use. The BI system lets the company harvest data through a number of tools, and then it validates it and put it together in a visual report where people easily can find what they are looking for.

Because after all, it is the company that decides which data is critical. This does not mean that the company must settle whit a one-size-fits- all approach. Instead, data can be selected as overall reporting or by a single division within the company, that is looking for specific data, from a specific period of time and also wants it presented in a specific kind of way.

It sounds complicated, who will help?

If your company is looking to take advantages of data, chances are that you are in need of a BI consultant.

The consultant can be found as a freelancer but will typically represent a company that excels in setting up companies with a high-performing and well-crafted BI system – often based upon a tested framework.

The consultant will listen carefully to your needs, but also keep in mind that a solution needs to be suited for the future, in case new needs present themselves or the solution is to be scaled.

The consultant will also mentor the company along the way, so they know how to compile a report and take full advantage of the data available.

After all, tapping into data is the new golden age for businesses.